#KopyKatKandi Contest!

This is my recreation of @kandiyamz design on Instagram. I am submitting this recreation into kandiyamz‘s and bioseaweedgel‘s contest, #KopyKatKandi. If you guys don’t know who @kandiyamz is, you should definitely check her out! I recently found her on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with her designs. She is no joke, guys!


photo 2

Above is the actual design created by @kandiyamz on Instagram. Below are pictures of the design that I created myself!



I hope you guys like this design! I feel like I did a pretty good job at recreating the design. Let me know in the comments below about how you feel about this design!




4 thoughts on “#KopyKatKandi Contest!

    • Thank you! In reality, I only used silver and black gems because I didn’t have multi-coloured ones. Although, I probably would have used them anyways, just to make it my own.


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